For those of us that have the luxury of a garden,  spending time in there is one of the most relaxing pastimes that we can enjoy.  Having friends or family round for a barbecue is one of the most popular social occasions as it gives the entire family time to chat and let the kids run around. The amount of time that we enjoy in the garden depends a lot on how it has been landscaped to be used during night time as well as during the day. Installing garden lights means that when you are having a great time and the sun starts to go down then there is no need to pack everything up and head off inside.

garden lights installed

Some simple garden lighting

Not only is garden lighting functional but it also add a great feature to your garden and you can enjoy looking out even during the winter when sitting inside. They also provide added security to protect your home as they prevent areas where it is dark and people can hide.

The main area of concern when installing lights outside is water. Water conducts electricity and if the lighting units are not sealed properly, they can become potentially lethal.  Even a small amount of moisture over time can build up and create problems with incorrectly installed or old garden lights. There are specific types of fittings that need to be used outside that prevent any water or moisture getting in and have to be up to strict government regulations. Now days even when you have old outdoor lights and call someone to repair them you will be advised possibly to replace your existing units as they may not be up to current standards.

The main and obvious reason for this is safety.  Incorrectly installed, old or damaged garden lights can be a danger to your friends and family.  There are regulations in place for to ensure these types of installation meet safety standards so whether you need new garden lights or just need to replace or repair existing garden lights it is important to find a company such as DCN Electrical that is not only going to do a good job but is up to date with all the latest certifications and specifications laid out by the government. Without these it can create major problems in the event of an accident or when you are trying to sell your home so going for some fly by night sparky that your mate knows is never a good idea unless they can provide you with a relevant certificate upon completion.