Most people that have a garden have some form of outdoor lighting for various reasons.  Also referred to as landscape lighting it could be used to extend the amount of time the garden can be enjoyed as well as provide extra security and safety for you property by revealing what the night time hides.  Apart from being practical installing outdoor lighting should enhance the aesthetics of your garden not only for your enjoyment but also for when you may decide to sell your home.

Whether you are looking to install new lighting or just want need to replace or repair existing lighting it is important to keep these three things in mind.

outdoor lighting installation
1. Places to position lighting

All pathways should be very well lit for safety reasons but you also want to think about placing lights in accent areas like underneath a rose bush or other ornamental plant that will be highlighted even with a small, low voltage light. There are no fixed rules regards how you landscape with lights but it is important to plan things out as overdoing it can produce a horrible result.

2. Types of power source

Although you will most likely need to have all security lights running from the house mains small accent lights can be run by means of solar panels. The initial cost may be higher but over the long term it will save money and as we all know it is getting very important to try and do as much as we can to help save the environment.


3. Who will install or repair your lights?

cool outdoor lighting

How cool are these outdoor lights

Whatever you have read or whoever you have talked to don’t believe that you can DIY this type of home project, apart from electricity being extremely dangerous it is flat out against the law to do any electrical installations unless you are fully qualified and are up to date with the latest Government regulations.  It just isn’t worth trying to save money around the home when doing projects or repairs involving electricity.

A good electrical company is not there only to do the installation or repair of outdoor lighting for you but they will be able to advise you on where to place your lights, the wattage that will give the best solution to what you are looking for plus more.  Sure a decent company has to make a profit but a reputable company will always give a bit more than basic service and at the end of the day you will be given a certificate that ensures you are legally clear and know that your family and friends are safe. Unfortunately people always have 20/20 vision after the fact and having a nasty injury happen due to faulty wiring is not something that would be great living with.

Fortunately the government hasn’t gotten round to imposing too many rules and regulations on painting so while you have the peace of mind while your outdoor lighting is being installed or replaced, get the family all messy with a few paintbrushes and touch up that deck so it looks good once the lights go on.