Industrial lighting is an exclusive type of lighting system that can withstand the tougher environmental conditions in industrial or ‘large-scale’ lighting projects in warehouses and stadiums etc… Industrial lighting systems and fixtures are different from commercial lighting fixtures because there is exposure to hazardous environments, dust, rain, wind and other things common in these industrial environments.

factory lighting

There are companies specialized in providing lighting fixtures suitable for industrial and large outdoor areas. And the best thing is that the lighting fixtures are durable and normally one would not spend much on maintenance.

Some common industrial lighting fixtures, especially those used in hazardous environments.

  • Fluorescent lightings
  • LED lamps
  • Explosion resistant HID fittings

Industrial light installation basically covers electrical installation in many structures, including warehouses. Warehouse lighting is one of the most challenging parts of industrial lighting. You need a lighting solution that will ensure the warehouse is well lit with heights of up to 70 feet.  You also need uniform lighting, with no dark spots and at the same time energy efficient bulbs. How do you get the best solutions for industrial and warehouse lighting? Here are the tips on how you can go about that.

  1. Get lighting fixtures that have the ability to meet the challenges of your industry. For factory lights, you need to ensure that they cater for the environment and you may also consider lights that come in different voltage and watts to meet you lighting requirements.
  2. Also consider going for a company that offers you several lighting options. These maybe dimmable generators, special new bulbs specifically for your situation and many others. With different options, it is easy to choose what works for your industry or warehouse.
  3. You should also consider energy efficiency before installing any lighting system in your facility. With an energy efficient lighting fixture, you are not only cutting down on your electricity bills but also minimizing carbon footprints that come about with high voltage lighting fixtures.
  4. For factory lighting, you need a lighting fixture with lamps that are resistant to vibration and shock because there shall be a lot of movements. Especially if it is manufacturing areas.
  5. You also need spun aluminum reflectors, coated and with a good polish. This is fundamental for generally all building lights.

In conclusion getting the right lighting fixtures for industrial applications is very important. You must also keep in mind the experience and qualification of the electrical installation company or contractor. That’s why we tell you about this stuff at DCN Electrical.  So you know you’re using the right company!