Living in the modern day and age is wonderful as we have so many choices when it comes to re-modelling our kitchens and the range of appliances available to us and electric ovens are no exception. No matter how small or how big your needs are there is some kind of electrical oven that will not only look great but will become the centre of the family when baking bread and biscuits and other delicious treats that only the latest technology makes possible.

install electric oven

How about this for an electric oven ?

Electric ovens are one of the most expensive appliances that any kitchen has and no matter what brand you buy as with all things from time to time they will need to be repaired or maybe you just want to do a kitchen makeover and want to buy a newer model. Whatever the reason it is important to realize that you will need to get a professional, licensed electrician to do any repair or installation work.

Possibly you have been to many web pages before landing here that give free “how to” advise about installing or repairing an oven. As simple as it may be to some people who are decently handy enough around the house, at the end of the day, like it or not, it is against the law to install or repair an oven unless you hold the relevant qualifications.

An oven is not an oven is not an oven.  When you guy a bigger oven it is very possible that the existing wiring will not be big enough, basically the wattage of the oven will need a bigger gauge of cable. House lighting, computers and other small household appliances only use small cables but because ovens and other big appliances “draw” so much current they will get very hot. It is quite simply a matter of too small a gauge of wire can and will create a danger and can either cause a fire or if the protective sheathing melts can create a short which could electrocute and in both instances kill someone.

In order to sell your home in Australia, have insurance companies cover you and just to make sure you are legally covered in case of personal injuries a certificate will be issued by the electrician once the repair or installation has been completed. If they cannot provide this, make sure you ask first before going ahead with any work, don’t use them even if they are the cheapest around it just isn’t worth the risk to your families safety and also to criminal charges. Yes you can be charged criminally if someone is hurt and you installed the electric oven by yourself or had an unqualified electrician, that you can’t track down, do the work for you. It may seem unfair that even if you are quite able of installing the oven correctly yourself that you need to get a qualified electrician but the law is the law.

Okay you get the idea that you can’t DIY it yourself so the only thing you need to worry about is finding a qualified electrician. As stated you need to make sure they will provide a compliance certificate but also make sure they have 3rd party insurance, give you a written quote and are a reputable company. Even with all the paperwork make sure they have references they are willing to share.