24hr Emergency
Electricians Sydney

If you need your apartment block, house or business to electrically run 24/7, you can count on DCN Electrical to be there to ensure that everything runs smoothly. We take the stress of power outages away from your hands and work round the clock to minimize hassles.

True Emergency Services

At DCN Electrical we believe that true emergency services means being constantly available to clients 24/7. This allows us to ensure that everything runs smoothly for our clients. We fulfill this goal by establishing a dedicated emergency service for our clients so we would be available to them at all times. You can contact our customer service agents 24/7 to get immediate response from our team members instead of an answering machine. If you are facing an electrical emergency at any time, feel free to contact us. Our agent will gather all the required information and will ensure that a team member would be dispatched immediately to your location.

Our initial emergency response team is headed by a highly experienced electrician. If additional support is required, we can also call upon our resources for items which may be needed to fix the problem. Additional manpower is available at any time. We understand that it is very important for our clients to keep their production and systems running at all times. A system failure could result in customer confidence and revenue losses. We understand the gravity and urgency of such situations and the critical requirement of safety and we therefore do everything possible to resolve the situation at the earliest.

Complete Emergency Services:

  • Preventive inspections, repairs and maintenance

  • Troubleshooting and testing

  • Changes, moves and adds

  • Upgrades and system changes

  • Emergency services- 24/7

Complete Coverage Of Sydney:

Our emergency service department is fully dedicated to satisfying the needs of our commercial and industrial clients. Our trained technicians and professionals are known for their safety records and high quality workmanship. Our emergency services have been designed to handle electrical emergencies in small businesses as well as complex industrial establishments. We pride ourselves on our ability of exceeding the expectations of our clients through high quality services.

We understand that emergencies can arise at any time of the day or night and our services have therefore been designed to offer you a point of contact and prompt services in such situations. We eliminate the frustration of getting an answering service or an answering machine when you are faced with a real emergency situation. Our 24 hour call-out emergency service will ensure that you get to speak to a live person every time you call us. You can trust that DCN Electrical will be there if anything unexpected occurs in the wee hours of the night.

When you contact us on our emergency line, we will be quick to assess the situation and diagnose the problem. Once that is done, we will dispatch an technician or an electrician to your location to deal with the problem at the earliest.

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