It’s Friday so I’ve decided to share some thoughts not really 100% about electricity.

It seems a lot of people search for the word ‘Electrician Sydney’.  I asked Google’s Keyword tool and discovered that every month 1,600 people in Australia go to Google and type exactly this keyword in.  Ironically it also says 1,900 other people type in ‘Electrical Apprenticeships’ People clearly looking for work or to get started being an electrician of some sort.

Googling Electrician Sydney

Here’s what a Google search for Electrician Sydney looks like

So it got me to thinking how does this 1,600 people searching for an Electrician in Sydney really break down?    Who are they?

Since I am exactly what they are searching for, here is my best guess…

  • 500 of these are advertising sales people looking for a number to call and sell me something.  Guess what, if I was already on the front page of google for this type of keyword I’ve been sold to death already.  Plus I’m already probably paying big dollars for someone to make this happen.
  • I would say another 100 of them are product sales people who have the best wires/cables/plugs/solder that I have never seen and want me to try it out.
  • It would be safe to assume another 300 or so are probably software programs running checks and rankings reports for their SEO masters so they can be sent to the many businesses trying to rank on the front page for this keyword.

So what do we have left over?

1,600 – 500 – 100 – 300 = 700 REAL Searches

After all that work, I reckon there are 700 people each month that type into Google that they need an Electrician Sydney.  For this reason, I have decided not to chase this weird generic term and instead focus my attention on providing you with great insight and detail on specific electrical problems you might be having around your home or office.  So on that note, please have a look through my blogs and see what you can learn about power and electricity from a local who lives and breathes this stuff every day.  Have a great weekend.

PS:  Check out my awesome new video about where an electrician finds himself 😉