Important Office Power Saving Tips

Knowing and adhering to office power saving concepts can make your business more energy efficient. In return, this reduces the energy or utility bill of your business. In addition, saving power at the office will reduce your carbon foot print and decrease pollution by reducing demand on power plants over time. This is very important in participating in the global efforts of reducing energy consumption and ensuring a green environment. There are many ways through which you can save power in the office.

 Tips And Ideas For What People Can Do

Several tips and ideas have been tried and proven effective in saving power at the office. They include the following:  (please note this is just a short list of the most effective)


1. Upgrading Office Equipment

There are models of printers, computers, copy machines and other office equipment that use up to 90 percent of the overall energy in the office. Such equipment should be upgraded and replaced with more energy efficient models. When upgrading office equipment, it is imperative that you buy the ones that have the energy star logo. This ensures that you invest in a machine that has been manufactured to save and reduce your energy expenses. You should also use computer instead of desktop computers and ink-jet printer instead of laser printers that use more energy.

2. Turn Off Machines Before Leaving The Office

Some people leave computers in idle modes and screen savers. In this status, they consume more energy than when they are turned off. As such, it is important that you turn all machines off before leaving the office. Copy machines and computers will use power even if they are turned off and not plugged off.

3. Put Computers On ‘Sleep Or Hibernation’ Modes

When computers are in sleep or hibernation mode they spend less energy than when they are not. This is very important because it helps in saving energy when you are called for a meeting in short notice or when you go for a short break. Using the control panel of the computers, you can save energy consumption by your computers.

4. Use Natural Light Where Possible

Turning off the lights in offices that receive sufficient natural light is very important in saving power in the office. If there are bushes or trees that hinder the office from receiving light from the sun, you can possible trim them to allow for more light.  You can also do more unusual but just as effective things, such as painting the office walls white to enhance natural light effects at the workplace.

5. Use 12 Volt LED Lighting

By far one of the most effective and high impact ways of cutting power costs quickly is to upgrade to the latest in LED lighting.  This technology has improved to the point where no differentiation can be made from older style ‘filament’  lighting.  This fact combined with the massive reduction in power consumption when compared with old light bulbs shows savings in the bottom line in just months making the small upfront investment in upgrading profitable for the business by cost savings a a few months later that have the added benefit of continuing forever.

These are just a few of our most important office power saving tips. Just contact DCN and we will guide you in ensuring your office is more energy efficient and not wasting money on energy costs.