Phone line jack connections in your residence or business are becoming rarer but are still very important to most premises. Whether you need it for personal or business communication, you need to have your phone lines ready for communication at all times.  Older or poorly installed phone jacks whether in residential or commercial premises, can develop connection problems, causing interference and poor quality sound and can even slow old ADSL internet connections.

So when do you need a QUALIFIED electrician to fix your phone line jack?

Connecting a Phone in a Home or office

Whether it’s your home or office, you want your phone lines to remain in good condition so you can communicate as much as you want without interruption and without the need to even thing about it. The person you hire to do your phone jack installation should have the right qualifications to perform this particular type job professionally. To avoid interruptions in your home or office, a good electrician can work at night to fix your phone lines when they’re not in use.  Your “mates, mate” might not be such a good idea 😉

Installing a new phone line or phone jack

phone line jack installation

Time to Upgrade ?

If you need to install a brand new phone line jack, it is important to get support from a certified electrician. New installation of phone lines is relatively simple however it still involves the application of appropriate skills and knowledge in connection that only a qualified electrician can possess.

Move a phone outlet

Moving your phone outlet or ‘phone jack’ as they are commonly known, is not something you can do without appropriate knowledge and skills. To move your phone outlet, you must have a qualified electrician carry out the job to ensure that each line functions as expected. It is not advisable to work on your phone connections by yourself.  Instead, hire a qualified electrician to move your phone lines so you can be sure everything is right about your connection and its new location. Certified electricians can perform many duties including residential, commercial, and industrial electrical work.  Aside from electrical installations, connecting phone lines is also part of a properly qualified electrician.  If you have a problem with your phone connection, it is important to know you can hire the experts from DCN Electrical to help you fix the problem while avoiding excessive telco fees for the same job. Aside from having appropriate knowledge to handle the job, certified electricians own specialized  machines and equipment to carry out the job in a professional manner in the shortest time. Instead of trying to do the job yourself, or giving it to anyone with limited knowledge to do it, leave it to the experts. DCN Group is a certified electrical company located in Sydney. The company provides residential, commercial, and voice & data cabling services to residents in Sydney and surrounding areas.

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