Sometimes one power point just isn’t enough. You have the electric toothbrush plugged in one but need another to charge the shaver, use the hairdryer, or the straightening irons. Perhaps you need one power point for the laptop but another for the printer. A double power point definitely comes in handy.

Unfortunately, older homes just didn’t have the option to have double power points installed. That’s why many Sydney home owners are looking to swap out their single power points for more useful double power points.

What happens when you switch to a double power point?

In most Sydney homes, swapping out a single for a double power point is quite simple, unless you have a solid brick home or the double power point is going on an exterior brick or stone-faced wall. If you have a brick home, you may not be able to have one of the newer recessed or double power point with USB port installed or it may incur an additional cost for removing the brick to fit the double power point.

While it might seem like a simple DIY job to remove a single power point and replace it with a double power point, there are many things that need to be considered:
– is there enough room on the wall to safely install a double power pointdouble power point DCN Electrical Sydney Electrician
– will the double power point be horizontal or vertical
– will the items using the extra point possibly overload the circuit
– is the wiring safe
– is the switch board safe
– it is an external double power point and therefore a special point
– will extra switching be needed
– will you want a USB charging point in the switch
– would you want to turn the point on and off with a phone or tablet app
– using a licensed electrician covers you for any fault in the double power point they replace
– fires created from a DIY installed double power point may not be covered by your insurance.

At the end of the day, the safest decision is to call a local, trusted, fully licensed and insured electrician. DCN Electrical can provide you with a reliable quote and quality service, call us on 0404 863 975 and make the swap today.