If you have ever visited a friend and had the pleasure of experiencing a really beautiful garden you will understand how serene it can be. These types of gardens don’t happen just by chance, a lot of thought goes into deciding where everything should be placed.  At night time the garden will be lit up by strategic outdoor power points that highlight certain areas whether it is a rose garden or an entertainment area. Without a doubt a garden with no lighting is not only dull but very dangerous and offers very little in the way of protection against would be night time intruders.

The right way to install an outdoor powerpoint

Making sure that the power points are in the correct position and installed correctly you will need to have a qualified electrician do the work. The law is very clear on any electrical work being carried out in any property and apart from changing a light bulb you are not allowed to do any work. The dangers of electricity are real enough inside the home but in an outdoor environment it can be more so due to the presence of lots of water. Water conducts electricity extremely well and even if you are not in direct contact with faulty wiring if you are standing in a pool of water that is touching bare wires you will be shocked and could potentially be killed.

outdoor powerpointForums and websites are full of DIYers claiming how easy it is to install outdoor power points and although visiting your local DIY store presents you with a huge selection of products to choose from, the fact that it is not illegal to buy electrical products it is illegal to install them unless you are a qualified electrician.

Things to consider when you have an outdoor powerpoint installed

There are many factors to take into consideration when doing outdoor electrical work and as mentioned water is a huge one. All electrical work would have to be one hundred per cent waterproof to prevent any amount of water leaking in. The tiniest amount of water will cause a short and create problems.  Another common cause of shorts and fires are when people install power points that don’t have the correct gauge of electrical wire. When electricity moves through the cables it will cause heat that can result in a fire if it gets too hot. Cables running outside also need to be protecting from sharp objects like spades. If you install without protection and someone digs in the soil, hits the cable and gets electrocuted there will be serious consequences.

Gardens are for people to relax in and doing a project like installing or replacing an outdoor power point could make it a real hazard. Let’s be honest here and say it like it is, none of us like to pay for something that we could potentially do ourselves however from year to year there are many fatalities when it comes to electricity and no one wants to be part of those statistics.

Australian regulations for installing an outdoor power socket

The government changes standards and regulations on a regular basis and if any work is not up to these standards, with a signed certificate of compliance, then there is no way out if something should happen to you, your family or friends.

The safest way to make sure your outdoor powerpoint complies with all standards, regulations, and insurance requirements is to call DCN Electrical as we are fully licensed and insured. You can call us on 0404 863 975 or complete our online form.