Why are my lights turning on and off?

Good Question!  If your home’s or office lights are dimming and/or turning on and off at random, there is a good chance there is an electrical fault somewhere in your power and lighting system. If you have a strata manager, they might take care of it for you or you can simply call us to come out and assess the problem.

Last week in a Parramatta office building I was called out for this exact problem. I was in fact, the 3rd electrician this client had called out to their business to try and find and fix the problem. After some question and a bit of looking around DCN electrical was able to identify the problem.

The picture below shows the culprit behind the lights flicking on and off for no reason.

A Very Dodgy C-Bus Installation

A Very Dodgy C-Bus Installation

This is not what a lighting installation or C-Bus installation should look like!

The tangle of wires, the power transformer not fastened to anything and loose wires just resting in a pile is not only poor workmanship but its is highly dangerous with the potential to cause electrocution and fires. Because of this bad installation the client’s lights had been receiving un-even power distribution and were short circuiting when the loose wires touched or got close.

The Solution:
We disconnected the dodgy C-bus system that had been put in (by what I can only guess would have been monkeys) and put their lights on timers with after-hours switches for nights and weekends so employees coming into the office could still have lights. Needless to say the client was happy with the solution and could finally run their meetings with everyone in a lit room and no more funny business with the lights flickering.

Damien Nayna