The thing about the modern world is that everything needs power these days. From the lights in your ceiling to the water pump under your pool someone has to make sure they get the electricity they need.  In this post we are going to have a little fun and show you some of the interesting places DCN Electrical finds themselves all over Sydney.

out door power cables


Up a Pole:

Yes indeed. DCN electrical has the equipment, experience and qualifications to carry out the sort of work you see pictured here. This photo was taken on an electrical job in Parramatta. Working on the large commercial power cables that you see on telegraph poles on the streets of Sydney is not for the faint hearted. The amount of energy running through these lines is 100’s of times more powerful and more dangerous than what’s in your home. What’s more is that there is no safety switch to help you if you make a mistake.



underground wiring

In a hole:

Possibly my least favourite place to be is underground, but these days underground electrical work is very common because it hides ugly power cables and makes things aesthetically pleasing. The picture here shows the culprit we found behind the power cutting on and off, in a client’s Leichardt home. They had installed great landscape lighting to finish off their garden project, however one of the lights towards the back of the yard was not properly sealed and when the rain started, moisture got inside the wiring and this caused a short circuit shutting down the whole back yard. Luckily we were able to identify where the fault was (there were a lot of lights) and repair the seals and electrical work to prevent any further trips of the safety switch due to very dangerous mixing of water with electricity.


rain hail or shine

On a roof:

We like to think we go that extra mile for our customers. Here I am 20 floors up on a very stormy and wet Sydney day tending to the electrical fit out of a new building just south of the city. I’m looking good in my hi-vis gear but check out the weather behind me. If that’s not commitment, I don’t know what is.





office server install

In A Cupboard:

Possibly one of the most common places we work is in cupboards or small rooms. This is usually office work in Sydney’s central buysiness districts such as Chatswood, North Sydney or Parramatta, where we go in a wire an office for all the phone lines, data cabling for their computers internet access and lastly the server which is then connected to the outside world. Getting this stuff right is not easy. Some office networks may require the wiring of hundreds of connections and every Cat5 cable you see in your office has 5 pairs of wires that connect it to everything else.