Everyone loves to have a home with all the latest gadgets, some are practical while others are just great to have around when needed whenever the occasion calls for them.  One appliance that is indispensable especially if you have a large family is the dishwasher. If you have never had one before and decide to install a dishwasher you will be amazed the difference it makes when working in the kitchen.

Most complicated meals take time to make and there are always tons of dishes to get washed which normally takes longer to clean by hand than preparing and cooking the entire meal. It is just a matter of removing the leftovers, popping the dishes into the dishwasher and pressing a button, what a great invention and time saver.

Things to consider when installing a dishwasher

install dishwasher Sydney electricianAs most people know electricity and water do no go well together. Although pure water doesn’t conduct electricity the water that comes into our homes is full of various chemicals and has millions of tiny particles in it which makes it a great conductor of electricity and therefore extremely dangerous should a loose wire come into contact with it. If your dishwasher springs a leak and makes the floor all wet and at the same time is in contact with an electrical cable the entire floor becomes live. Not a great thing if you or one of your children happens to walk in barefoot in the middle of the night to get a snack, that situation can be deadly.

There is only one way to prevent a situation like that from happening and that is to make sure that when you install the dishwasher you have competent, qualified professionals do it for you. Even if you are knowledgeable enough to do it yourself it is without a doubt against the law to do any major appliance installation yourself.

What you need to install a dishwasher

To install a dishwasher you will need two different qualified professionals, a plumber to do the pipework and an electrician to do the electrical work. A lot of dishwashers are already fitted with a plug anyway but chances are that you may not have a powerpoint as dishwashers usually sit under countertops to save space so that is where the electrician would come in. If you look for companies that have a good track record, are happy to let you contact past clients and will give you the required certification once the work is complete then there is no need to worry about being electrocuted or flooded any time in the future.

Apart from the obvious electrocution risk there are also other risks that you should be aware of when using your dishwasher. Most people don’t think of a dishwasher as a safety hazard but it is especially when young children are around the house. People tend to place knives and forks pointing up in the basket for easier cleaning but these can present a real danger to anyone, not only children. A habit people have is leaving the dishwasher door open and just load it as they are preparing the meal and when finished eating. As the doors are very low to the ground it is common for people not to notice it and trip which is very dangerous especially in a kitchen with all the glasses and sharp utensils lying around.

Once you install your dishwasher and follow a few common sense safety tips it will become one of your favourite kitchen appliances. No one likes having to spend ages over a hot sink once a meal is finished, that is the time to relax and let technology do the work for you.

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