Nobody likes accidents, that is why they are called accidents because they happen when least expected. However, there are those accidents that can be avoided in a great way by ensuring that you are using the correct electrical fittings and qualified electricians.

Some of the accidents that are fatal and can be avoided include electric-caused accidents. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct measures in place in your home or office electrical fittings to minimize these accidents.

Free Quote OfferIndoors, it is important to ensure that all your electrical appliances and fittings are up to standard and are functioning properly starting from your fridge, computer, cooker, lights, switches and sockets. It is also good to ensure that you do not overload your electrical system. Every time you add an electrical appliance even if it’s a simple kitchen bulb, the usage watts add additional load on your switchboard. You should therefore know how much your switchboard can handle.

In case of indoor electrical repairs or replacement, you should ensure that you have a qualified electrician to do the work for you because, most electricians know the capacity of each appliance and the correct way to install it additionally, many electrical jobs are required by law to be carried out be a qualified electrician.

When doing outdoor electrical work, be it garden lights or pool lighting, it is important to make sure that the appliances and fittings are not in contact with water or moisture. You should also ensure that they are well covered and insulated to avoid cases of short circuit or explosion.  This is especially true in rainy weather where we see most of these problems occurring.

During repair of any electrical works in commercial premises, it is important to ensure that the working area is kept clear of other persons other than the electricians. This is important to minimize the risk of accidents occurring and minimize disruptions for all. installation of electrical fittings in commercial places should also be conducted under strict code of work to ensure that they are perfectly fitted, places like switchboards, and big heaters should always have restricted access.

Highly qualified electricians like DCN Electrical carry out installing and replacing of electrical fittings in commercial places all the time. This should be so because most electricians know the required fittings to use and they have experience in installing them but always check before hiring.

Most times, it is easier for an individual to do the electrical fitting work at residential set ups because it appears simple and easy. However, even residential places require qualified electricians to install, repair, or replace electrical fittings. Every fitting has its watts and usage capacity checked, this you may not know for sure and can lead to you overloading the switchboard without even realizing it. Once the switchboard is overloaded you may start having your power tripping for apparently no reason, to avoid this, you should look for an electrician who can carry out the work properly and at an affordable price. By using DCN, You can also be sure that your fittings are safely fitted and up to all the relevant standards.