Factories are big structures that require an electrical system that has big power output and complex design or layout. For these reasons a factory should ensure that its electrical system is set up in accordance with the highest standards and by the best electrical company.

Electrical systems are key to productivity in warehouses and factory facilities and with increasing technology levels; it has become an essential need for such facilities to have highly dependable and efficiently powered electrical systems.  If you don’t have a dedicated factory electrician on site, chance are you will need to hire one from time to time.

Factories and warehouses should also ensure that they have the latest models of electrical appliances, fittings, and cables to be in line with their production and usage rates. The fittings should meet the required gauge set by the government at the very least. This is a step that must be taken to mitigate the loss that can be incurred through using substandard fittings.

Only qualified electricians should be entrusted with installing electrical systems in factories because they provide you with the most reliable services and they know the exact wattage needed for each switchboard. They will recommend the switchboard and controls to use depending on

  • Lighting usage
  • Appliances in use e.g. computers, air conditioning, copiers, refrigerators
  • Machines in use and the ‘phase’ they use
  • General usage

Qualified electricians also know the quantity of circuit breakers and oter ether electrical components required for each usage, they can determine this by identifying the watts and voltage used by each piece of equipment.

Factory electrical installations

Industrial Electrical installs are a bit bigger than your average family home… Just a little!

DCN Electrical offer repair and replacement services to factories all over Sydney. The cost depends on the size of the factory and the size of the job or models of the fittings, cables and appliances preferred. The advantage of hiring a company that has qualified to carry out industrial electrical work is that they ensure you get the best value for your money and avoid costly mistakes.

Other advantages of hiring DCN Electrical:

  • Safety And Quality– you will be guaranteed that your electrical system is well installed and that it is installed with the best models.
  •  Upgrading And Testing– We will run tests on your system to ensure that all part are working together. In case of upgrading, we will advise you on the best products to upgrade your system with and we will even program them for you.
  •  Consulting Service– Most companies will offer their consulting services for free once you request them, we will give you all the information relevant and when you need it.

DCN Electrical can write you a quotation before completion of work taking into account all aspects of the job. The quotation may include the cost of appliances purchased for installation and the cost of labor etc. This gives you control of knowing how your money is spent and keeping track of your factory and its electrical dependent systems.