Need help with cabling your Sydney office with network cables? Then look no further because you’ve come to the right place. We offer professional and innovative office network cabling solutions to our clients in Sydney. Our cabling solutions cater for the needs of clients with small residential offices, all the way up to large commercial and industrial complexes. Network cabling requires professional knowledge and experience to realise the best results. We know this and we have brought together a team of highly professional and experienced technicians to do the job.

Once you contact DCN, we listen to your specific needs attentively and then give you an accurate quote covering ALL aspects of the job. Also, before cabling your office, we make appropriate planning and considerations and help you understand what’s possible and what limitations may be present.

network cable wiring Your office network cable wiring needs may include:

ü  The number of rooms that you want to be wired or cabled

ü  Number of ports that you want in each location

ü  The best location for your distribution hubs

ü  The right path to be taken by the cables

ü  The right network speed for your office

Our specialists have been in the industry for many years. Each specialist in our team has achieved the highest professional qualifications and all are experienced in the network cabling processes. Be confident that when you use DCN, you will have a perfect cabling solution for your offices. Our services include office and home networking, data and voice cabling as well as new Australian NBN connections, among others.

We know the importance of having well networked data cables in ensuring efficient communication in your office.  We consider everything in your office (even things you might not have thought of yet) to ensure that your system is fully functional and efficient. Our aim is to ensure that you always get cabling solution that you need without blowing the budget.

Our technicians are dedicated to meet your special and everyday cabling needs of your office. Whether you are relocating to another office, modernizing or maintaining the current one, talk to us and we will help you in cabling all the rooms. We have always delivered quality solutions to our clients in residential, industrial and commercial offices. Regardless of size.  Rest assured that we will offer you the most professional, reliable and affordable solutions that you need to cable any office with network cable wiring.