DCN Electrical has an important message for you concerning your halogen bulbs

Are you from Sydney and your halogen light keeps on blowing up the bulbs whenever you replace them? If yes, then be assured that you are in safe hands since our team of professional electricians is here to give you quick guidelines by first identifying the problem, suggesting some of the best solutions and giving you some important tips on how to safely replace halogen bulbs.

If your light's power transformer installation looks like this, it's probably your last electricians fault

Why are the Lights blowing every few weeks ?
If your light’s power transformer installation looks like this, it’s probably your last electricians fault

DCN Electrical will help you explore the common causes to this problem.  If you need this knowledge you will have to pay particular attention when reading through this article. You will know what is happening, why it’s happening and how to possibly fix it. Take a look.

Note: This guide is only meant to enable you troubleshoot minor problems .It is against the law to carry out electrical repairs at home without a certified electrician because of the risks involved. You are advised to seek the services of a certified electrician to fix some of these issues.

The following are some of the key areas that DCN Electrical advise are important for you as far as halogen bulbs are concerned.

1. Quality of your bulbs

Do you use a good brand that offers quality bulbs? It’s unfortunate that most people use cheap bulbs with a short lifespan. And this tops the list of the reasons why halogen lights burn bulbs.  Since cheap bulbs have a thin element in them that can easily break if a small burst of power flows through it. Try purchasing a more long lasting bulb such as florescent bulb which burns less electricity and emits less heat to solve the problem.

2. Effect of moisture

Always use a clean dry paper towel when replacing your halogen lights. Moisture has negative effects on halogen bulbs for it shortens their life span and makes them prone to blowing prematurely.

3. Effects of oil and methylated spirit

Avoid touching the halogen bulbs with your fingers especially if you have touched methylated spirits. This is because halogen bulbs emit lot of heat which can rapidly burn.

4. The ON-time of your halogen bulbs

Don’t leave them on for a long time. Leaving them on longer generates concentrated heat maximizing mechanical strain. Hence the halogen light will blow up the bulbs as a result of thermal expansion that occurs in both solids and gases.

5. Check your outlets and connections

Use your voltmeter to test the outlet (since you probably don’t have one, it might be best to call us to do this for you).  Your outlet may be supplying the wrong amount of voltage to sustain the halogen light correctly.

It’s also important to note that loose connections between the bulb and the bulb holder and perhaps corrosion within the sockets can cause halogen light to bulbs to blow since the circuit is incomplete. Finally, make sure that the tab at the bottom of the socket has its spring intact to guarantee firm socket-bulb connection.