DCN Electrical will try to explore some of the possible causes for problems and suggest how to fix it and possibly give you detailed procedure on how to correctly replace your downlights, especially if you’ve replaced the light bulb and it still doesn’t work.

Note: This is just a guideline meant to give basic information on how to troubleshoot the problem and should not be taken as a comprehensive solution to the problem. Also, it is against the law to carry out electrical repairs without a certified electrician.

Step 1: Identify why your downlight still doesn’t work

You must try and visualize what the cause of this problem might be. Problem identification may need technical expertise and that is why DCN Electrical is committed to give you basic skills on this topic. However, it’s advisable that you seek the services of a professional electrician or simply call DCN Electrical for support.

Here we go!

Downlight Bulb selection:

Picking the right bulb is fundamental and will influence the functionality of your lighting system. We strongly believe that if you pick a bad bulb your downlight will not work satisfactorily.  So just get another one or simply swap the two bulbs.  If another bulb doesn’t work, check your breaker and fuse box. You should also check if the old blown bulb has triggered the trip of the outlet in the first place.

Check your breaker and center contact: Replaced Downlight But It Still Doesn’t Work

The design of center contact in the downlight or led bulb socket is such a way that when they are pushed down recovery is impossible since it is like a spring.  Also, check if your breaker and receptacle is bad.

Check the sockets and wiring for your downlight: 

Another possible cause is that corrosion might have occurred in the socket where the bulb should enter. So turn your mains power off and inspect the socket. Do not put your fingers in there!  After turning off the breaker, clean the connection using a cleaner or even sand paper. Also make sure that connections are not smashed down and that no contact exists with the bulb at the bottom.  You will need to replace either the light fixture or all the wires if you realize that your down light is broken.  If these wires are corroded beyond reasonable repairs, it is wise if you replace them using a licensed electrician.

Adapt the correct procedure: 

The following procedure is the most standard and so far the safest to adopt.

1. Test the bulb and change it if necessary.

2. Remove the bulb.

3. Ensure that the circuit breaker is not tripped.

4. Put back the cover plate and turn on the circuit breaker. Proceed to the next step if no positive results are recorded.

5. Turn off the breaker and remove both the cover plate and switchboard. Then use a tester to test for continuity.

6. Replace the switch if it is defective.

7. If you find that the switch is ok, proceed by first removing the cover plate from the light fixture. Caution: make sure that the wires in the electrical box are not charged. Then complete the job by replacing the light fixture.

Message from DCN Electrical

It’s very unfortunate that electrical installation is one of the biggest problems facing people of Sydney and yet the place harbors some of the most trusted electrical companies like DCN Electrical. In addition, it’s discouraging to learn that most people cannot help but put up with this problem because of poor quality work from substandard contractors.  Never leave anything to chance again. DCN Electrical is going to give your house what it needs every time and save you calling yet another electrical company to fix another problem.

If you have had a bad experience with replacing downlights that aren’t working, or any other dodgy electrical work here in Sydney, please call DCN Electrical on 0404 863 975 or use or online quoting form to discuss how we can get things working again.