Want to give your home, business or industrial premise a new modern look? Do you want to replace old power outlet(s) in your Sydney property? Then contact us right away for professional assistance. DCN are experienced electricians whose aim is to offer you professional and custom electrical solutions. Once you remodel your home, (or even better, while you’re doing it) just hire us and we will provide you with power outlets that match your new home renovation.

modern power outlet

Brushed metal power outlet… Classy !

We understand that nothing can give your home a worse look than old plastic 1950’s outlets in a renovated home. Perhaps, you are thinking of replacing the outlets without help of an expert. At first, the task may seem easier because you think that you just need to deal with unsightly and plugs that are slipping out of the power outlets. However, this is not easy because it requires professionalism and experience. Once you contact us, we will come out to your premises to quote and ready to do the job.

Professional services

Our experts replace your old outlets in the most professional and efficient manner. Before they start replacing your power outlets, they take all the necessary precaution measures.

These include:

  • Shutting off power
  • Removing the plate carefully
  • Pulling out the outlet
  • Understanding the color coding
  • Mastering the wire configuration
  • Determining whether the outlet is the right one
  • Installing the new outlet
  • Checking carefully to ensure that the new outlet is functioning properly

Out technicians have handled many power outlets installation and replacement projects and they ensure that every power outlet is installed professionally. You do not have to live with slipping dangerous plugs in your home. Our experts are always ready to fix your power outlets whenever you contact us. Your outlets will be replaced with ultimate safety and our electricians will not leave your premises until your outlets are fully functional.

Whether you are in Sydney CBD, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, North Shore or Hills district, rest assured that our professional electricians will come to your premise any time you contact us. We will replace your old outlet with a safer outlet type that matches your new renovations and meets Australian standards. We have invested in modern technologies to ensure that our electricians offer the most efficient electrical solutions. You will not only save money when you hire our service, but also the time that you wait for our technicians to replace your power outlets.

Our electricians are friendly, competent and dedicated to providing you with the best solution for your premise. Contact us now to replace your old power outlet(s) without hassle.