Extractor fans are very practical in certain areas of the home and will help do absolutely nothing useful if not installed properly.  A poorly installed extractor fan will work just as effectively as a 1.5 volt handheld fan when trying to keep cool in the desert. It all comes down to specifications. Depending on room size, demand and other equipment used will determine the type and size of extractor fan that you need installed.

bathroom extractor fan

extractor fan in white

The most common rooms in the home that need extractor fans installed are the kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen extractor will be used to remove steam and smoke when cooking.  Extractors are basically fans in reverse so instead of pushing air through their blades they will suck air and that air will be full of grease and moisture from the kitchen which makes life a lot easier when preparing a meal.  It  also will prevent buildup of grease residue and excessive moisture which will help keep the kitchen clean and keep maintenance of paint, wood and other porous surfaces to a minimum.

When you need to install an extractor fan or just have one that needs replaced or repaired make sure that the people that do the work are qualified, not only as electricians, but have a good track record with customers so that they install the correct fan for your specific room. When initially installing a fan it isn’t as simple as a ceiling fan that just gets mounted but you will have to make a whole in the wall of the room to install the extractor fan.

If you hire a company that have no idea what they are doing and the fan doesn’t work the way it is supposed to and you need to get a bigger, more powerful one installed then you are not only going to incur the extra cost of buying a new fan but also have to deal with all the mess of the building work as well.

Apart from the obvious cost and hassle issues of getting a fan installed or repaired by a company who don’t know what they are doing the main problem that you must be aware of is the legal side of things. By law all electrical work must be to certain standards set by the government and if your contractor isn’t licensed or up to date then you may find yourself in hot water legally if accidents occur and insurance companies will not pay out if the proper paper work has not been completed.

So if your extractor fan is getting old and needs replaced or you just want to install a new one it is best to get a professional company to do the work to ensure the safety of your family as well as make sure that you are all above board and legal.