Make your home safe with professional switchboard repairs and upgrades by DCN Electrical

DCN Electrical is your best solution provider when it comes to electrical matters especially those involving switch boards .With a team of professional electrical engineers and electricians, you will receive the best service in Sydney.  Switchboards are complex electrical components. One is required to poses adequate experience to install, repair or upgrade them. You can trust DCN Electrical to install, repair or upgrade your switchboards. What are you waiting for? Call us now!

Older homes have very old unreliable and to some extent dangerous wiring  systems and switchboards that can often not supply enough electricity to modern electrical appliances.  It’s for this reason they frequently fail and experience power blackouts whenever a new appliance is introduced in older homes. In addition, these switch boards do not take safety into consideration since they are not equipped with modern safety switches. Here at DCN Electrical we care about your life and recommend that you install a better and reliable switch board for your house.

Why do you need to upgrade your switchboard for your apartment or house? 

1. Old switchboards

If your switchboard is outdated it is prone to short-circuits. Their fuses are dangerous for they catch and spread fire quickly. In addition, your safety is at stake since they are prone to electrical shock.  I know you don’t want to put your life at risk and that is why you are recommended to upgrade your switchboard today.  Modern switchboards that are available in the market are designed to eliminate the possibility of any physical damage to you and your home. They minimize electrical shock. They are so sensitive that if any power surge is detected they will shut down the main power supply before zapping you.

2. Energy consuming modern electrical appliances.

Homes that were built a few decades ago are furnished with low power consuming appliances such as the chimneys. They simply never required an switchboard with modern safety features.  However, the present world is now full of advanced electrical appliances such as the computes and dishwashers that need adequate protection as well as more power. That is why a modern switchboard is necessary for every home owner in Sydney. You need a switch board to protect your home appliances like computers, microwaves home theaters just to mention a few.

Make a wise decision today upgrade your switchboard since your old switches cannot tackle such huge power supply these new appliances consume.

3. Frequent power tripping

Do you experience frequent power tripping? If yes then switchboard upgrades are the best solution for your electrical equipments. Maybe you have older boards that are designed to supply limited power to household equipments since the new ones you have bought are unsustainable. Hiring a DCN Electrical expert to install a switchboard is all you need to enable your appliances to serve you better. He will guide you in the installation process and you won’t regret his service.

4. Flickering bulb

Does your bulb flicker all the time? This can be very annoying particularly when you are with visitor or studying.  If this had been your problem try an upgrade to your switch board now!

5. Energy saving

Modern switchboards are known to cut the amount of power you consume by a great percentage. So the sooner you install a switchboard the better.

In this life you must take caution to stay safe.  DCN Electrical is your best friend and will offer you personalized services as far as switchboard at your home or office are concerned. Here we care about your electrical safety.

All the switchboards we install are fitted with automatic trip circuit breakers as well as safety switches. So make the best choice today.

Remember that:

-You can contact DCN Electrical for advice so that you save the time you will spend in calling an electrician.

-DCN Electrical can re-install poorly installed SWITCHBOARDS.

-If you want a full inspection to be carried out in your home DCN Electrical is there for you.

-DCN Electrical operates on a 24/7 basis.