An electrical panel is the main system that distributes power into your home. Electrical panels have circuits which are protected by devices known as circuit breakers. The main purpose of circuit breakers is to ensure that your home receives adequate power and when the circuit draws too much power, the breaker trips.

How do you know if you need a new electrical panel?

There are certain signs that tell you it’s time to consider replacing your electrical panel. It is important to constantly check your electrical panel and ensure everything is working accordingly. Panel checks must be conducted by a certified electrician like DCN Electrical on a regular basis to make sure your home’s electrical system is up and running properly.

installing an electrical panel

DCN Electrical installing an electrical panel

If you notice that the circuit breakers in your panel keep on tripping constantly, call an electrician immediately. This is a sign of trouble in your electrical panel and ignoring it can result in major damage. Check to see if the circuit breakers are hot or make a buzzing sound. DCN Electrical can step in and repair the panel or recommend installation of a new one.

Many homeowners do not realize that they may be overloading their electrical panels. Today, people are using hi-tech electronics and appliances that overload the electrical panel. Overloading can present a major risk of fire. You need to call in a certified electrician in Sydney to check the panel temperatures and ensure there is no overloading. When the electrical panel is overloaded, it generates heat and can burn or explode creating a dangerous and costly situation which could have been avoided.

In other homes, there are electrical panels- especially the ones installed in the 70s and 80s that are faulty. The circuit breakers in these panels will melt or fail completely instead of trip when the panel is overloaded. If you have such a panel installed in your home, then you must replace it immediately. Some of these panels have caused many house fires and it’s unfortunate that they are still in use.

Upgrading your electrical panel will increase the electrical power that gets into your home and protect your home from fire. Your family will also be protected from personal injuries caused by electrical shocks. If you want to find out whether you need to install new electrical panel in your home, call a certified electrician such as DCN Electrical. You will finally get rid of the electrical shocks, flickering or dimming lights and any other electrical issues in your home.