Fortunately for us the world has not become so crazy that we need an electrician to fit light bulbs and that we are allowed to do all by ourselves, however apart from that legally speaking, when it comes to any electrical work around the home, it is against the law to do anything. This may seem unfair but there are very good reasons for it and none more important that the safety of our family.

electrician lighting expertFor most of us we accept that and would never attempt any electrical work without hiring a qualified contractor in to do the work however there a some who put saving a few dollars above correct wiring and legal procedures but the law is very clear that you cannot do it. The rules and regulations vary from state to state but basically are the same. It can be quite frustrating to find the information when having a look at government websites trying to find an answer.

New South Wales states that someone needs to hold an electrical licence prior to any electrical work being done, no matter the cost or whether it is for residential, industrial or commercial properties. Their definition states that electrical work can be replacing electrical equipment, removing existing equipment, altering any electrical work, repairing, maintaining, installing, testing and even manufacturing. This leaves you with, light bulbs.

Penalties from state to state also vary but can be quite heavy. In Queensland you could end up having to pay up to $100,000 or be sent to prison for two years simply if illegal electrical work is the cause of serious injury and $200,000 or three years in jail if someone dies.

NSW, SA or Queensland it doesn’t matter, all the laws are basically the same, do electrical work when you are not qualified and there will be dire consequences. That is just the way it is and there is no point risking a jail term just to save a few dollars.

When you phone a reputable company they understand that people want to save money but at the same time a business is a business so ultimately need to make a profit. Although the saying, “You get what you pay for,” is true to some extent, the most expensive isn’t always the best. Take some time, phone around and find out the different quotes. Another thing that you should look for is the history of the company and their willingness to provide real testimonials from real people.

Any company that won’t give you real contact numbers for real people so you can check their work, stay clear of, they are obviously trying to hide something. The last thing you want is a dishonest electrician working on something that has the potential to kill you.

So no, as of now, we don’t need an electrician to fit light bulbs but for any other work it is very important to get a qualified tradesman to do it.