Hiring an electrician or cabling installer around Sydney is easy, finding a good one with the proper licenses and who takes pride in their work is a bit harder. Today I came across a rather messy and dangerous C-Bus installation that prompted me to write about why you should take the time to find an electrical contractor that you trust and has a proven track record.

Like many industries in Sydney there are simply too many cowboy Sparky’s out there that lack professionalism and commitment to the training and skills they should be using every day, while carry out electrical work in homes and offices. The below picture is a classic example of a ‘dodgy job’ carried out well below standard because the electrical contractor thought he could get away with it, and the customer would never see the work.

Below is a simple list of things to you should be doing when looking for and hiring an electrical contractor in Sydney: 

  • Ask to physically SEE their electricians license. Check its authenticity & the date of expiration.
  • Ask questions about the job and see if they are willing to go the extra mile with details of materials used, inspections and guarantees, etc…
  • If the person you’re speaking to won’t offer a warranty, stay away. Simply find one who will.
  • Check they have insurance cover for any injuries and damages that may arise from electrical work.

A reliable contractor should be able to give you references from past clients. Check his website for testimonials and look on Google for reviews. You can’t always trust these sources but they can certainly help if you’re still in doubt.  Its important to remember that often times the guy offering the cheapest prices are necessarily the people you want to do the work.  When it comes to the safety of your family and your business you want to know without doubt that all your electrical work is carried out by a professional.

By following these simple steps you can hopefully prevent being the victim of a bad electrical work and avoid costly repairs or fixes for electrical and cabling jobs that were not done correctly.

Damien Nayna