Many people buy home theater systems as part of their home improvement and to provide them with a decent means of entertainment. The real trouble comes after you have bought the system and it’s now time to install. If you might think that to set up home theater system is simply getting the wires and the speakers connected then switching on the system to start enjoy the entertainment, then you are already a victim of the common mistakes that people make while installing home theater systems. If you happen to be a making any of these mistakes, you can get help with the installation from DCN Electrical 7 days a week.

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Picking the wrong size of TV

A majority of people think that having a big television screen will guarantee a good viewing experience. While it can be fun to watch movies and videos on a large screen, you need to consider the distance between your viewing position and the location of your television. The ideal viewing distance should be double the width of the television therefore if your space is not large enough to guarantee this distance then you should consider having a smaller television screen. Viewing from a close distance can also have negative effects on the health of your eyes.

Installation next to windows

The other mistake people make when they set up home theatre system is to locate the television set next to the windows. The ideal place to install the TV set should be away from windows where there is probably less lighting. This will give a better viewing experience as too much light can make the picture not to be clear when the TV is installed next to the windows. You should avoid setting up your entertainment area next to the doors as there can be lots of movement which can result in of distractions when enjoying the entertainment.

Don’t avoid professional help

When you do not possess the technical skills to install a home theater, you should seek for professional advice from the experts. This will be beneficial since you will be advised on the right kind of system that is ideal for your space. If you are afraid of reading the big manuals about installation, then an installer will help you in the actual set up and avoid problems like unbalanced volumes of the speakers, use of wrong wires and placing the home theater in the wrong position. Depending on your region, DCN has a number of installers in Sydney and the surrounding areas such as the Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, North Shore and Hills District and everything in  between, which can help you set up your new home theater.