Lighting in any Sydney home is essential from a practical point of view but there are many other reasons that people decide to add more types of lighting around the home and in the garden.  A light is not just a light,  and there are a few considerations to take into account depending on the type of light you are looking for and when you install a wall light it can be more complicated than a ceiling light.  

Let’s first have a look at why wall lights are more complicated to install. Normally above the ceiling there is a large space between that and the roof where all the electrical cables run. This makes installing ceiling light fairly simple as it is basically a matter of running a new cable through empty space to the place you want the light, making a hole in the ceiling and running the cable through there, not a lot of mess or work, even if you have a concrete roof.

Wall lights on the other hand will, no matter what type of wall you have, be messy. The cable will need to run from the roof through the wall to hide the cable, unless of course you are happy with an unsightly cable dangling down the wall. Even if the walls are made from plasterboard the cable still needs to run behind the boards which will have wooden studs that  need to be drilled through and sections of the boards will have to be demolished and then replaced. Concrete and brick walls will obviously be much messier as a channel will need to be cut to lay the cable which means a lot of dust and rubble. However wall lighting has many purposes and more and more home owners are opting to have these types of lights installed in their properties.

Here are a few reasons why wall lighting is worth investigating:

wall lighting installedMaintenance: Changing a light bulb, the only legal electrical work you are allowed to carry out without a licence, is much easier with wall lighting. The fact is that most accidents happen around the home and a majority of them are due to DIY work on ladders and using other tools.

Aesthetics: Wall lights create wonderful, decorative effects that traditional ceiling lights cannot. A small wall light highlighting your favourite painting can make a huge difference to how it looks even during the day time.

Entertainment: Fortunately living in a climate that offers great summers means that many evenings are spent with family and friends outside. Wall lighting not only provides the garden with some highlighted areas but creates a safe environment to entertain family or friends.

Security: The movies are not full of bad guys wearing black for no reason; it is easy to hide at night time when there are no lights. Having lights that are sensitive to movement is an essential part of home security.

Whatever reason you decide to install wall lights never forget that apart from changing a bulb the law prohibits you from doing any electrical work unless you are qualified, don’t be fooled by your favourite DIY website that tells you how easy it is. For some it may be easy but unless they are qualified electricians then they still can’t do it, the risks are just not worth it.