Why do you need an electrical circuit breaker?

Electricity is a good servant. However, at times it can cause untold sufferings such as death. Circuit breakers are designed to protect you from electrical shock, electrical arcs and fire.
A circuit breaker will detect any unintended electrical arc that might cause a fire. If such an arc is detected, the breaker trips and cuts power to the home. The design of the circuit is such that it is able to distinguish harmless arc from a spark that is observed such as that from the brushes in an electric motor. Installing the breaker in your home could not only save a life but also protect your home.

Do you need an electrician to install a circuit breaker?

The answer is very definitely YES. The process of installing a circuit breaker is risky and should only be done by professionals. It involves handling naked wires that can cause electrocution. Besides its illegal for you to install a circuit breaker yourself and can land you in serious problems with the law and insurance companies. So if you love yourself, just call a certified Sydney electrician to install it.

Why do you need an electrician?

If you install a circuit breaker yourself you may be breaking some important building codes. In case of fire, your insurance company may not compensate you if they prove that the installation was not done by a certified professional electrician. It may never happen but believe me that it does happen. So take the right steps now to avoid problems!

How we install a circuit breaker:

  1. Switch off the power to your house. This will protect us.install circuit breaker sydney
  2. Remove the breaker from the panel for the circuit that needs the circuit breaker. Ensure that the slot you just made is visible.
  3. You need to install the breaker back into the pre-made slot.
  4. Make sure that the ‘hot wire’ is inserted back on the new breaker. At this point you will see an extra wire.
  5. At this point the panel cover is off. Proceed to trace the origin of the black hot wire that you placed on the breaker. Note that the wire should have three wires inside it.
  6. Make sure you differentiate the color of wires that you have. One should be white or red while the other should be black. Trace both wires and direct the neutral wire into the neutral block. Now proceed by unscrewing it from the block to enable you inserts the white big tail into the slot made when the white neutral wire was pulled away.
  7. Into the breaker, insert the neutral wire and test the circuit for completeness.

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