Although there are some advantages to living in cold climates one of them definitely is not bath time. Even though the water may be warm, the time between getting undressed and then getting into the shower or bath can be very cold. When finished bathing then walking into a very cold bathroom makes it feel even colder. There are a few ways to prevent this, some like unfloor heating costs a fortune but if you install a heat lamp in a bathroom it is affordable and can make a huge difference.

A heat lamp will basically warm the air in the bathroom so that the temperature difference is not massive and bath time becomes more enjoyable. Some people are shower people and some are bath people. For bath people there is nothing worse than sitting in a warm tub but your head and other body parts not immersed in water are freezing.  Heat lamps eliminate this so you can soak longer.

That is the upside of heat lamps. The downside is that they produce a lot of electricity and therefore need a lot of power to supply them which ultimately means that there are potential hazards when you install one, especially in a bathroom. Bathrooms create a lot of steam and as the steam lands on cooler surfaces it will condensate, turn back into water.

When you have a heat lamp installed it is essential that you have a qualified professional do it for you. Apart from the fact it is law it is something that will prevent injuries to you, your family or friends. There is a lot more to adding a heat lamp to the bathroom than just a couple of wires. Due to the load that the lamp uses special size or gauge of wire needs to be used that will prevent the wire heating up too much and therefore present a fire hazard.

Some things like building a barbecue are a great family DIY project that everyone can get stuck in and enjoy but when it comes to some work that needs done around the home, especially electrical and plumbing, it may cost a little bit more but the government has certain standards they set and only up to date qualified professionals know and adhere to them.

Bath time is supposed to be that time of day when you can close out the rest of the world, relax and let your worries soak away. If you install a heat lamp in a bathroom and don’t get qualified electricians, who will provide a certificate, chances are you will spend more time worrying about getting electrocuted or the house going on fire than enjoying the very few moments we have being alone and relaxing.