Dimmer switches are a popular way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home. Many people don’t know they have the added benefit of extending the life of you light bulbs and saving on power usage as well. To install a dimmer switch you will need to get in touch licensed electrician, preferably a DCN one 😉

With a dimmer switch, you can dim all types of light bulbs including incandescent or halogen light globes from 100% all the way down to just 5% of original strength. This means you don’t use up the maximum wattage of the bulb and prevents premature blowing out and wastage of the lighting around your home. Saving your hard earned dollars in the long term!

Chrome Dimmer Switch

Classy Chrome Dimmer Switches

One secret that electricians seldom share is to dimming your lights down to 0 before switching off your light. This means when you turn the lights back on, your light bulb wont go from cold to hot straight away. Just like a car engine, the light will now go from cold to warm, then to full operating temperature, rather than straight to max power. This is gentler on the bulb’s operating parts and will increase the life and quality of your lighting installation.

As we all things in life, you get what you pay for. By investing in good quality branded light bulbs rather than cheapies you will again save money in the long term.

Lastly, With today’s energy efficient and eco-friendly light bulbs and led lights, you can have the comfort of clear bright lighting. So what are you wating for? Give us a call and get one of our guys out today to sort out your house with energy efficient lighting and dimmer switches. Your back pocket and the environment will thank you in the end.


inside a Dimmer Switch

Whats inside a Dimmer Switch ?!