A chandelier is one of the most costly and dramatic lights we can install in our home or any business establishments. It attracts anyone’s eyes when turned on which causes a fascinating and glamorous effect to the entire facility. Its composition reflects the owner’s personality as well.

Installing a chandelier is not as easy as a “one, two, three DONE!” but needed to apply with technical and flexible methods. This may be done only by a qualified electrician. Some say that this kind of installation is similar to replacing other types of light devices, but this is not always applicable specifically in putting up a chandelier. It has a significant difference where a qualified electrician is the only one who can manage it and must be relied on to be done correctly.

huge chandelier installed

SO this might be a little extreme for the average family home but check this thing out!

Putting on a chandelier by ourselves is considered less expensive but basically, unsure and risky. As said earlier, it needs some methods like putting new wirings, box to support or to hold on, testing etc. Reading steps in procedure manual is easy but installing is a little bit hard for us and needs to be sure and safe. People are usually not familiar with the exact and proper wiring for this kind of lighting accessory; and because of this matter. Electricians with experience or license knows about the right “power out and in” and other technical conditions. If done incorrectly, it can cause a serious damage to your line or fixtures. Nevertheless, not just that, it may result in wasted money, time and effort.

With this kind of lighting application, we must hire an electrician who is experienced and legally licensed in installing chandelier lighting and its wiring. This is not an ordinary small, light-weighed device but a medium to huge-sized device with a heavy weight if carried. An electrician has to remove the can fixture, install an approved box that will be able to hold and support the new weight, and wire it in. It may take a little bit longer in installing the holding box than lighting it because it will be liable in holding the device and must be secured.

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