Most of the electricity-related accidents are caused by carelessness as well as the awareness of some basic rules and knowledge involved in the electric world. In this article, I will tackle the best way of removing a stuck light bulb or globe from its fitting or socket. Once the globe or bulb breaks or stuck into its fitting, it will be difficult to remove or uproot it from its base safely.

Firstly, never use your bare hands, or stick something into the fitting to get it out. There are two hazards when we deal with this situation: the breaking of the glass and the potential shock from electricity.  Make sure the power is off to the socket and much better if you verify it with a non-contact voltage detector. In other words, one may ensure this method by ensuring the light switch is in the off position or by turning off the corresponding breaker in the main fuse box. But remember that even though the switch is off, power is still present at the base of the light.

Any light bulb is potentially harmful once you touch the connectors in the socket. The metal seen on the fitting part of the light fixture is required for the bulb to work. These are called metal conductors. A bulb not in the socket is still not safe to touch since there are some cases of stray capacitance in the bulb thread after unplugging it from the fitting. Moreover, some homes may not be equipped with an RCD or a safety switch, this means that it will not turn off after you touch it. The voltage is the same regardless of the circuit you’re trying to get hung up on. The metal connectors found in the fitting are dangerous.  I would advise turning the light/lamp off prior to changing any bulb.

removing broken bulb

Bet you didn’t think of this on your own!

1. Once again, note that even if the light switch is off, one should not pry a stuck light bulb out. Here are some tips on how to remove a light bulb base that has become stuck in a light fixture.

2. One can safely break the glass bulb and get a wastebasket or a strong trash bag and put all the broken glass in it. Please remember to wear goggles, gloves and other protective gear

3. Use a broken bulb extractor. These are available at most hardware and home improvement stores. These tools have a rubber tip to engage the base of the broken bulb and a plastic body with a threaded socket on the back end that allows them to be screwed onto an extension pole – very handy for hard-to-reach bulbs.

4. Then, use pliers to turn the base out of the socket. If the base is really attached to the socket, use a pair of needle-nose pliers to grip the metal edge of the base and start turning counter-clockwise.

5. The magic of a potato. You can make an effective bulb extractor from an uncooked potato. Carve one end of the potato into a cylinder small enough to fit inside the base but engage it – about ¾”in diameter. Taper the tip of that cylinder and make a hole in the center of it to fit over the glass filament support.

6. Hold the potato by the unpeeled end and, as with the broken bulb extractor, push it firmly over the filament support and into the base. Then use it to turn the base out of the socket.

Electrical safety in our homes is our responsibility and we must stay safe always.  If you are unsure or need help, please call DCN Electrical and one of team will assist you and ensure your safety.