It is important to properly and safely install different types of appliances and utility in one’s household. Like any other fan, installing a ceiling fan provides nice ventilation and improves cooling in summer as well as circulation in winter. Though installing the ceiling fan by yourself is doable, only a licensed electrician can wire it in. It is also highly recommended that you get an electrician to ensure a strong hanging system and smart electronic controls on your ceiling fan.

In selecting the licensed electrician, one must be careful. The electrical contractors must be licensed and insured. They must undergo a thorough screening. They must be reliable and that they must follow safety standards in electrical installation as set out in Australian Building Codes. They must have professionalism and have the best project management offered. They should also be cost-friendly or flexible when it comes to payment and quoting.

How to install a ceiling fan – the steps

install ceiling fan Sydney ElectricianHere are the basic steps or procedure in installing a ceiling fan in your house. It is important to know the type and size of ceiling fan you need to install.

(please keep in mind this is just a guide and we don’t recommend doing this yourself)  


  • One must remember to turn off the power at the fuse or circuit panel. One must note the use of circuit tester or turn off the power to the whole house before installing the ceiling fan to make sure that all wires is the box are dead.
  • Remove all the light bulb cover and bulbs from the fixture and then unscrew the screws or nuts holding the fixture base to the ceiling box. Make sure to check the product’s installation instructions to know the right ceiling box for the fan. If there are no light fixture in the room, locate the center of the room and make necessary changes on the wiring systems of the room including the ceiling part.
  • Install the support brace for the ceiling fan. Place these braces between the ceiling joists where you want the fan. One must also remember to assess the strength of the ceiling. You may also need to cut a piece of drywall the size of your electrical box from the ceiling, so that you attach an electrical box to house the fan.
  • Place the Fan Bracket by simply screwing into the electrical box.
  • Then, identify the wiring and install the motor. This is crucial since this since some wires are for the supply of electricity to the fan and some wires would go to the fan itself.
  • Match the wires and attach the cover. Please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. Stuff the wires back into the electrical box to keep the system organized and aesthetically appealing.
  • Attach the blades and light. Use screws to attach the blade to its place and make sure to make the fixture as stable as possible.


If you’re ever unsure please call DCN Electrical. We are fully licensed and insured, meaning your fan will not only be properly installed but we guarantee it!