In this modern era, automation has been a highly celebrated and welcome concept. With the rise of automatic sensors what’s possible in your home has become limitless.  The most common sensors used in our homes are light sensors and temperature sensors.  Light sensors are used to efficiently automate the turning on and off of certain lighting utilities by sensing the degree or level of brightness in its surroundings.

Appliance Automation:

This saves more energy and money be reducing wastage.  Some appliances that use heat sensors include household appliances such as washing machines, driers, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, stoves and ovens, and small household appliances such as coffee makers, induction hobs, irons and even ice makers. Moreover, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) appliances.

Home automation can be achieved with the utilization of these smart sensors. Smart grids are a recent technology that have been in so many discussions around the idea of the construction of smart electrical grids both on an industrial scale and even homes.

Automation and greater control has captured the hearts of many people because of the benefits it can offer. Automated controls can be used to turn equipment on or off or adjust the operating settings at pre-determined times, on-site or remotely, or can be set to adjust the operation of equipment in response to changes in the home environment. One may think the cost and expenses that will arise when we install or maintain these automation systems and sensors is high, but the savings can be far greater.  You should not only look at the expense but the advantage it will bring in a long run.  These automatic systems can help ensure one’s security and also minimize energy consumption. Priority should first be given to designing an energy efficient home and installing high energy efficient appliances and lighting. Home automation can save energy if it reduces the time that equipment operates or reduces the need to use equipment.

Living room automation diagram

Just some of the things that can be automated in your home today


Heating and cooling Automation:

With the use of quality temperature sensors one can achieve multiple advantages like improving passive solar heating and passive cooling through the control of blinds, awnings, windows, vents and fans. Moreover, Control heaters and air conditioners so they are only used when and where they are needed and are used to achieve a desired temperature at the right time.

Lighting Automation:

The importance of light and motion sensors comes into play since they can be programmed in many ways. One may automate lights so they are operated only when needed and switch themselves off when rooms are vacant. This can be done through motion sensors and timers or through more elaborate centralized systems. Use motion sensors to switch on external lights when needed, or lights when entering the home, rather than leaving lights on. Use motion sensors, light sensors and timing controls to switch off lights when they are no longer needed.

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