Properly Install A Heated Towel Rack

Bathrooms are essential rooms in every household and they need to be neat and comfortable in all aspects. This is the place where you come to when you need to clean up and adding a little style and luxury can go along way into making you enjoy each and every minute you spend in it. A simple way to achieve this is to install a heated towel rack. This will not only add a little decoration to your bathroom but also improve your comfort and bathroom’s hygiene among other numerous benefits. Here is why every bathroom should have a heated towel rack.

Fresh and warm towels

The most important benefit of having a towel heating rack is that it will keep your towels warm. The heat from the rails will make the towels dry and fresh and this will prevent the growth of any moulds or fungus as a result of storing the towel while still dump. It will also make the towels comfortable to use during cold season like winter when the last thing you want touch after getting off the shower is a cold towel.

Comfort and luxury

towel warming rack

Now THIS is a luxury towel heating rack!

With a heated towel rail, you not only make your bathroom more luxurious but also make it comfortable especially during cold seasons. The heated towel rails can double up as radiators and warm the bathroom when there is no radiator or enough heat to reach the bathroom.

They are affordable and easy to run

Contrary to the beliefs of many people, heated towel rails are not expensive to acquire, they are simple to install and they do not consume a lot of electricity. As a matter of fact, you only need the same amount of electricity that you need to light a bulb to make you heated towel rails to keep supplying you with fresh towel. This makes the heated towel rails to be an affordable luxury in almost any bedroom.


Unlike light bulbs or other electrical appliances which will require to be changed occasionally, when you install a heated towel rail, it will take a relatively longer time before they ever need to be replaced. This is because they are made of high quality material such as steel, copper, nickel and aluminum which are known to last for a long time with little to no maintenance.

However, it is important to note that not all heated towel rails are the same. They come in different sizes and different designs and you need to consult with your Sydney electricians on the best choices suited for you. You can also obtain them from most of the electrical shops in Sydney and it’s possible that you can do their installation by yourself.