Ok we go to a client’s home in Leichardt who’s halogen Downlights are failing!


They have done their research and ask if we can change the transformers for them.  I show them the new Atom LED light bulbs that will actually go straight into their existing Downlight fittings and save them not only money on the job but on their power bills in the future as well. This has the added bonus of creating a lot less mess as we would not need to cut larger holes to fit these new bulbs.

lighting install finished, warm white LED lights

lighting install finished, warm white LED lights

They agree to install 13W ‘warm white’ bulbs after I have shown them the 13W warm white and 13W cool white. (personal preference).

Here’s where the job gets interesting; We pull out the first Downlight in the kitchen only to discover the previous electrician who worked on the house (before they owned the home) had actually wired 2x Downlights per transformer. This is alright to do if high quality transformer is used. Unfortunately, the transformers were low grade and this is certainly the reason they had problems with their lighting in the first place.

Lighting install in progress, proper wiring and cable lengths

Lighting install in progress, proper wiring and cable lengths




Additionally, not only was there 1 transformer per every 2 Downlights but the previous home owner’s electrician had placed the transformer in impossible places to get to incase servicing or replacing the transformer was required.  As if that wasn’t enough, the cabling was also cut too short at each transformer point making it impossible to pull them through to any existing holes.

By now both myself and the homeowner simply can’t believe the dodgy work we are uncovering and personally, I’m shocked it lasted this long.


Trusty spider man eletrical apprentice

Trusty spider man apprentice going in the roof




So we remove all the Downlights and begin re-cabling. This required one trusty apprentice with Spider-Man like skills (pictured right) going through the roof tiles and accessing the tight ceiling space from above!

Finally, we manage to pull in all the new cabling. We also install new plug bases for easy install and replacement (that the owner may now do safely) if there is ever a problem in the future.

The customer is now the proud owner of a full new set of LED Lights (properly installed this time) It was now left to the trusty Spiderman like apprentice to don his cleaners outfit and vacuum up the small amount of dust around the place which we left spotless.

Now they are saving 80% on each LED compared to their old halogen Downlights and the lights don’t go out any more either.


Problem found, problem rectified, place clean and another DCN happy customer!