Does YOUR electrician make the grade ? 

Every profession has its own set of requirements and qualification as prescribed by the relevant governing bodies. These set of conditions are meant to maintain high work standards and to make the industry transparent by weeding out rogue practitioners who are keen only on taking the clients’ money without offering quality services. For a Sydney Electrician, the following are essential:

All valid License and necessary certifications

Qualified experienced electricians All practicing electricians in Sydney are required by NSW to have a contractors’ license before they can carry out any assignments in your premises. This license is a proof that they are qualified and they have the competency to do the job. You will be in violation of the law should you hire an electrician who does not have the license to practice and you can be charged in court according to New South Wales laws.


Insurance comes in different forms and for different purposes. Sometimes electricians work in environments where any slight mistake can result in either a loss of life or damage to your property. Before an electrician gets into your premise, he should be able to prove that he is insured against any injuries he might incur while working in your premises and he must also show prove that he has insurance to cover any damages that he might cause while working in your premises. In the absence of the two, then you might be liable and take any responsibilities if he incurs any injuries or damages anything in the course of his duties while at your premise.


Through the experience of the electrician, you are able to gauge on this suitability to do your job. You do not need amateurs who will provide substandard services. You know about the experience and competency of the electrician by asking them for referrals so you can contact their previous clients in order to know if he has the right skills for the job. If you are not satisfied with his level of experience, then you look for another one.

Relevant Services

There are different service areas where electricians can specialize in and not all electrical jobs are the same. It is therefore necessary that you get the electrician who has the capability to offer the particular services you need. For instance there are electricians who deal with domestic electricity installation, telecommunications, optic fibers, cabling, troubleshooting etc. Get the right electrician for the right job.


Finally, your electrical jobs should not be very expensive. You should get the best services at affordable rates. The best way to do this is to ask for different quotes from different technicians in Sydney then pick on the appropriate one. Don’t be misguided to think that cheap technicians are the best. You choice should be a compromise between the price and the quality of services that you expect.