Want to find electrical fault in your residential, commercial or industrial property in Sydney?

Do you have intermittent trouble with wiring or perhaps, not sure where an electrical problem is? Then relax because you just found an expert to help you. Finding electrical faults is not easy if you are not an electrician. Even experienced electricians can have difficulties in identifying faults in electrical systems due to their size and complexity.  Fortunately, we have highly competent and experienced electricians and technicians, if we can’t find the problem, no one can!

If your light's power transformer installation looks like this, it's probably your last electricians fault

If your light’s power transformer installation looks like this, it’s probably your last electricians fault

Our Fault Finding solutions

Once you contact us, we find electrical problems in your systems using proven troubleshooting methods. We use a systematic approach, requiring in-depth knowledge, experience and also some innovative technologies to deliver prompt and professional services.

What happens once you contact us?

  • We respond to your needs instantly
  • Gather necessary information on safety procedures and rules
  • Use modern technologies and equipment to diagnose faults in your electrical system
  • Define the core problem in your electrical wiring
  • Find other malfunctions that might be the source of the problem
  • Perform final checks and then repair the fault

You do not have to struggle with wiring issues in your premises. Just contact DCN and we will respond to your needs instantly. It is important to note that electricity is dangerous. Trying to fix your electrical systems when you are not sure exactly where the problem is, will not only risk your health and that of your family, but your property as well. Therefore, if you feel there is some hidden unidentified fault in your electrical system talk to our friendly electricians and they will immediately provide a lasting solution.

 DCN’s Wide range of services

Not only can we find electrical faults others fail to fix but we also can handle generators, appliance circuits, electric heaters, transformers, breakers and fuses, lighting and ground circuits among others.

If you are worried because you are not sure where problem is in your electrical system, just contact our friendly team of electrical gurus. We guarantee you the best solution within the least time possible.