A telephone has become a very important part of most people’s lives in the modern era and when it breaks it can be quite frustrating. Most people assume that the people to contact are the telephone company that supplies the service but as we all know that getting someone out from these huge companies in an “emergency” can be difficult. What most people don’t realize is that you can get an electrician to fix phone line problems and it is even becoming common for the big telephone providers to refer you to an electrical company to fix your line.

Fix Phone Line

Time to Upgrade ?

There is very little difference between household electrical wiring and telephone of data wiring and you will find that most electricians are trained and qualified to undertake both interior and exterior wiring needs. Apart from actually fixing phone lines you will find that these companies are qualified in many other areas like:

Phone Jack for Computer

Most homes have more than one computer now and networking makes sense whether it is to share a printer or internet connection. There is no point in having two internet connections when it can take a qualified electrician a very short time to connect a few computers that will all use the same connection.

Sometimes it is not possible to have a network that is hard wired and there are other options available like installing a wireless network.  Almost any device can be used when you have a wireless network set up. This gives you and your family to be able to work, play or chat in the garden, house or wherever suits. These devices will all be able to be set up with a wireless system:

  • Notebook
  • Laptop
  • Consoles for games
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Desktop computers
  • Mobile phones


Many people assume that a slow internet connection is due to the internet service provider however in some older homes the wiring can be a cause of it. Modern technology requires works best when specific wiring is used and apart from checking this an electrician can advise you about the best ADSL filters and splitters for your specific needs are.

Fax Lines

An electrician is also able to install a fax line in your home which is mainly used for home businesses but is different from a basic telephone line due to how it sends information.  Apart from the above an electrician today can provide many other services that people don’t realize like repairing internet service provider’s cables, second telephone lines, extra telephone points as well as repairing all broken communication lines.

Even though we still use the term electrician the modern electrician is way more that the guy that just adds a new light in the kitchen, basically anything you need doing around your home that involves wires you will find that they are qualified to do.