Renovation is basically remodeling a home to give it a new shape, add to its current size or height, and change its current look and feel.  When doing any of this you will probably need an electrician for installing power and other electrical fittings during the build.

Electrical services required during a Home renovation include;

  • Installing or upgrading of security system that is alarms and CCTV
  • Installing and upgrading air conditioning machines and ventilation systems
  • Installing and upgrading under tile heating and heat pumps
  • Electrical fittings in bathrooms
  • Running power into new kitchen appliances and power points.
  • Running power basements or new rooms
  • Installing phone lines
  • Wiring newly renovated rooms
  • Service panels upgrade
  • Lighting system remodeling

home renovation electrical work

Installing new electrical fittings in the house during renovation can be considered as a relatively inexpensive process compared to ding it after; however, you can predetermine your average cost by engaging DCN Electrical to discuss all the requirements you have. We will work with you evaluate the electrical system needed and that will work effectively for your home.

Renovating also means that you have a chance to modernize the electrical systems in your home. This is important because you will be up dated with the latest electrical technology including many options to get energy efficient lighting and other systems to make your home more green and cheaper to ruyn, reducing your average spending on electricity.

Look for a company like DCN Electrical, Damien offers a personal electrical service and can handle all your needs in a friendly and professional way. The electrician you choose will also be responsible for the routine checkup and maintenance of your electrical system down the track so choose wisely.

Once you choose a good, qualified and reliable electrician to help with your electrical installation during renovation, he will give you a quotation suitable for your design and he will ensure that the price quoted is affordable to you. Most electricians will supply you with their own fittings as they can buy them cheaply however, for special designs you may want to select something else prior. Having DCN provide basic fittings is a much more affordable option compared to buying the fancy fittings from a general store and it is usually more affordable to pay for the labor and installation as one.