Ceiling fans are very important investments in the home. They help to enhance cooling and heating efficiency and create a comfortable environment for everyone in the house. You may need to hire an electrician to repair a ceiling fan because of the complicated features that come with these systems. The cost of fixing the fan will depend on its location and the type of fan in question.

A new ceiling fan must be installed by an electrician because there are some connections needed with the electrical wiring of your home. The electrician also has to determine where and how the fixtures will be placed so that they can be properly wired to the fan and support its weight. Depending on all of this, a new fan can cost $200 to instal.

What needs to be considered when doing a ceiling fan repair

If you want the electrician to repair a ceiling fan in a location that had another fan installed earlier, it can be much cheaper. In most cases the current wiring can still be used so there is no need to install new wiring when replacing an old fan. However, an electrician has to determine if the existing wiring requires any repairs or is currently legal. If the electrical fixtures at that location are not able to support the weight of the new fan, then they may need to be replaced. All these decisions will be made by a qualified electrician like DCN Electrical.

Modern ceiling fans come with special features like remote controls, these come in handy in the bedroom where you can control the fan from the comfort of bed. Having a remote control is the most common reason our clients will choose to replace a ceiling fan rather than repair the ceiling fan. Ceiling fans which come with more complicated fixtures can require more time and materials to fix. Some ceiling fans have to be installed in such a way that they work with your existing wall switch. These ceiling fans are certainly more convenient and stylish than the fan they replace.

Sometimes installing a new ceiling fan requires new wiring in the home, especially if the location has never had any electrical fixtures. This can be a time consuming and complicated process for most electricians. It’s exactly why you need to hire a qualified electrician from DCN Electrical. We will run the new wiring through your home’s electrical panel and switches. This process will take more time and require more materials to prepare the site for the new fixture. If you have a higher than average ceiling, you must hire a well-equipped electrician like us who is able to maneuver the fixture during installation and easily reach the high location.

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