Is your home getting cold ?

Electric heaters are very important in providing comfort in homes especially during Sydney’s cold winter months.  Most families have these appliance and we even teach our kids to handle them without forgetting the dangers that they might cause. Even though there are adequate safety measures that have been taken during the manufacture and installation, we still need to take more caution to ensure our personal safety and those of our family members.  No matter what kind of heater it is, whether it’s a ceramic heater or just normal heaters, they can still cause tragedy if not handled with care.

The number one safety measure against any electrical appliance is to avoid the occurrence of shocks. Electric shocks are very lethal and can happen in a matter of seconds. One way of avoiding this is to avoid any liquid contacts with the electric heater. The places where you install electric heaters should be where there is no moisture and it should not be installed in places such as bathrooms, kitchens etc where it can come in contact with water or get water vapor inside. Secondly, no one should ever handle an electric heater with wet hands or when holding water. The liquid might spill over the heater and cause other accidents.

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Some parts of the heater are known to heat up hot enough to cause injuries and burns if they come into contact with human beings. They are also capable of causing fire if they come into contact with clothes or other flammable materials. In order to avoid this, ensure that there are no loose clothing or waster papers around the place where you install the electric heater. Also ensure that the heating parts of the heater are well guarded to avoid coming into contact with the equipment. Kids should also be discouraged from playing around the heater.

Whether installed indoors or outdoors, all electric heaters are capable of catching fire. Just like other electrical appliances, an electric heater will catch fire if there is a direct overload on the line which it is connected. As a precautionary measure therefore, avoid overloading all the appliances in one line or avoid connecting the heater in the same line as other appliances within the house.

Finally, no matter what kind of heater you have, be it a ceramic heater or other types of heaters, you need to ensure that there are no exposed wires or any lose connections. You should also clean the grill regularly to remove dust and other trapped particles which might cause a spark and result into a fire. These are the most basic tips that will ensure that you keep yourself and your family safe after you install electric heater.