A message you cannot afford to ignore!

Energy! Energy! Do you know why environmentalists some of whom have won Nobel piece prizes can sacrifice their life just to save the environment? Ask any environmental activist across the world including the one you know from Sydney. They know that you are talking about the most important ingredient for the production of electricity. That is why numerous environmental forums have been organized with the theme “lets save energy now”. The effects of environmental degradation will not spare anyone, including you! And it will come in the form of extra costs particularly when it comes to your electricity bill. However, as you will realize at the end here, you can actually cut your expenditure on electricity if you really care about what you spend and how much you want to save. This article boasts some of the best proven methods you can employ as a concerned and patriotic Australian citizen. Let’s explore some of them.

Use your dishwater: What do you know about dish water? Did you know that your dishwasher is more efficient than you? This only applies when it is FULL and compared to running a tap over dirty dishes as you wash them.  Now you know. Here at DCN Electrical we care when it comes to what you spend on your electricity. We recommend that you use your dishwasher because it’s more efficient.  By doing so you would have not only saved the environment but also saved an extra Dollar!

Meter readings: EBS is the only company tasked with electricity billing in and around Sydney.  They will come and read all the meters irrespective of your supplier; be it Bord Bais or ESB.  Sometimes you m

wind power farm

ay not be at home so your meter may not be read. The big risk here is that they will provider estimates and a letters’ will appear at the top of your bill. At one time you will be astonished with the amount of carry forwards that you will be required to pay.  Fortunately, DCN Electrical has decided to address this issue for your own good. You can actually provide the reading to your supplier if your readings have been estimated by either using your phone or through online. So take a step today because it’s pointless to pay more when you can easily remedy this.

Establish the actual amount of electricity you use: Statistics in Sydney show that every household consumes 5,590 units every year. This translates to $300 on electricity yearly.  You can easily monitor your meter and establish how much you use and learn the things you can do to reduce the amount you consume.

Acquire an electricity monitor: DCN Electrical recommends that you use an electricity monitor for it can slash at least 10% off your bill. This will enable you to establish which among your gadgets consumes a lot of power and take appropriate steps to minimize its use.

Online billing: This can not only save you time but also the amount of electricity you consume. The leading companies in providing electricity in Sydney have online billing systems in which they offer discounts in case your bill is not posted in time. Online billing enables you to see charts of your consumption and you can also enter meter readings online. Take advantage of such discounts today!

Monitor your laundry:  Limit the use of clothes dryers. Do not use a clothes dryer on bulk clothes like the jeans, towels and blankets. And if you cannot hang them outside you can set up an indoor drying rack.

LED lightingCooking appliances: Use small appliances to cook. The use of small appliances such as pressure cookers microwaves greatly minimizes the amount of energy for cooking. The cooking time in your home is actually cut by half if a pressure cooker is used. So why not use it?

Lights: Switch off all the light you don’t need. Make sure that you don’t light a room which is not in use. In addition, ensure that all the lights are turned off when you are out of the room .Also, minimize the use of decorative and display lighting.

Low Energy bulbs: Use low energy bulbs. You will agree with me that most people know about energy bulbs. However they do not know the exact amount of energy they can save. From research, the consumption of energy is five times less than normal bulbs. This means that if you currently spend $50 you can cut the cost to just $10 if you use such energy saving bulbs.

Electrical machines: Ensure that you turn off your machines such as computers television and radios if you are not using them. You can also save the electricity if you unplug all your electrical appliances if you are not using them.

Refrigerator and freezer:Turn down your refrigerator. A refrigerator accounts for 20% of the total electricity used at your home. To save on electricity, you need to ensure that it’s not running too cold. Set the temperature of your fridge at about 5-12 degrees and that of the freezer at 0 to 5 degrees. Ensue that the freezer is defrosted if more than a quarter inch of frost builds up.  Keeping your freezer fuller minimizes energy wasted. So ensure you fill the freezer with a jug of milk full of water. This will ensure that the air is kept cold and cannot “fall out”

Use Cold Water: Ensure that you rinse and wash your clothes using cold water. In addition, run a full load instead of a smaller load since the energy consumption in both cases is the same.

Take the bold step today and cut your electricity bill by more than half!