Daylight saving time (DST) also known as “summer time” is simply a way of utilizing daylight in an effective way, especially in the evenings by adjusting clocks forward 1 hour in the longer days of summer.

Changing Daylight saving timers is essential in both the the northern and southern hemispheres. One way of minimizing electricity costs is by saving energy by utilizing natural light for buildings and offices.  DCN electrical has automatic lighting timers, or systems for effective use of daylight. These systems can automatically add one hour during the spring and delay one hour in autumn when turning on/off lights.

change automatic light timer

Different regions have different dates for daylight savings timers. For instance, in northern hemispheres, daylight saving time begins between March to April and ends in September to November. This time may change as a result of certain conditions or events, for instance, the United States extended daylight saving time in 2007.

If you fail to install automatic timers for daylight saving, it will mean that you will have 11 hours of darkness and 13 hours of light in your office or building on some occasions. For the extra one hour of daylight, your lights will be on as usual hence wastage of energy.

To avoid unnecessary energy costs, it is cheaper to have timers for automatic lighting systems adjusted by DCN electrical. The new advanced digital plug-in timers can turn lights on/off in your home or office. The device is easy to program and will always show timer settings. DCN electrical timers are compatible with all building systems. These timers are simple, effective and convenient to upgrade when necessary to help in the reduction of energy costs while maintaining security in your place.

DCN electrical can adjust timers for day light saving quickly cheaply and with no disruption to your business or home.