An office should have the most efficient and reliable fittings and cables possible to ensure your IT needs and lighting never interfere with your day to day operations.

When installing electricity in offices, you should look to hire a company that is best known for excellent performance in electrical and also networking installations. Most companies that offer electrical services should have a proven record of good work with highly skilled and qualified technicians. This will ensure that they install your office cabling with the approved wiring and cables according to your needs and uses.

office install by electricianDCN goes the extra mile to ensure that they balance your switchboard capacity with the interior electricity capacity; this means that you are not likely to experience power tripping to an overloaded switchboard and other such mayhem. DCN Electrical will ensure that they only recommend and install quality circuit breakers, main switch, and safety switches that are in line with the construction design of your office.

When it comes to office cabling, most offices opt for WiFi networks, Cat5 or 6 network cabling, Fiber optic cables or some combination of the 3.  Today, Cat6 is the most preferred method of connecting to internet because it is fast, reliable and it is very difficult to hack into.

DCN Electrical will help you choose the most reliable cables, and help you design a simple layout for their installation. They will ensure that you are connected to the cable and will conduct a testing and maintenance routine to make sure that you are well catered for.

We also offer repair services for all things related to electricity and cables around the office. If you need them to fix a telephone line or faulty outlet just give us a call.  We will then fix and/or install fittings and fixtures that have been approved by the government and suit your needs best.

If you also happen to have faulty office cabling, or any other office electrical fittings that aren’t working properly,  it maybe due to poor prior workmanship.  DCN Electrical is a company that excels in fixing bad work from inferior companies and will come to your rescue, remove the faulty parts, and install new ones.

We know this is by no means a comprehensive list of everything that can go wrong in an office electrical system but we hope to have covered the basics and if you need further help or insight, just give us a call.