Most homes reach a time where they require running new cables or even just rewiring old ones. You can tell your home might need a rewire when you experience any of the following issues:

  1. Overheating sockets
  2. Damaged lights
  3. Sparking inside of switches and sockets.
  4. Popping sounds when you remove a power plug.

You can also do rewiring if you suspect that the current wire system is too old or you can get it tested to be sure. You can also rewire your home if you need more sockets or lighting outlets installed.  A full rewire maybe necessary if:

  1. The wires are not ‘PVCu insulated’
  2. Grey, and white in color.
  3. The old wiring system is comprised of rubber-fabric & lead insulated cables.
  • Cabling systems: In homes as little as 10 years old could have old safety technology leaving houses in danger. Very early wiring systems, pre 1960 can easily melt or breakdown under today’s modern pressures leading to short circuits that can trigger electrocution or in extreme cases the burning down of a property.
  • Prices to rewire a house: can vary greatly depending on the size of your house, and the relative ease with which we can access the building’s internal structures to drop cables.
  • Materials & fittings: these days are very affordable, however the cost of new wiring may vary because of either new ‘government standards’ being introduced , or new product models being introduced in the market place.

If you are looking to run cabling in a brand new house, it is important that you get a qualified electrician who understands which cable to use for what purpose. Lately, various cables have been installed at building stage to make life more comfortable. For example, there are now an internet cable Cat5 cabling, phone lines that can carry ADSL, TV aerials and coaxial wiring from cable TV & Internet providers. You require an electrician that will be able to install all the above-mentioned cables properly and ensure that they are running properly before doing your dry-wall.

When doing wiring in a home renovation you need to look for a sufficiently qualified electrician to wire a home renovation. A good electrician will know what to start with and how to install each element according to its code and your intended visual outcome for each rooms design. DCN Electricians, can supply you with the materials as well as labor. We make sure you get top quality materials that are up to very best electrical standards.

DCN are available to do your home’s wiring or re-wiring where we always meet and beat the latest’s standards while maintaining affordable prices. We guarantee your home wiring installation is complete with the latest wires, sockets and switches of the best quality and installed with the strictest adherence to best practices.

Remember! A good electrician will willingly give you a warranty because they know they excel in their work.