Everyone understands the potential of faulty electrical wiring being very dangerous even fatal in the event of an electrical fire so we won’t go into much detail about why you need to have a qualified electrician to install lights in your home but rather focus on why an electrician should be your only option and why you shouldn’t do it yourself.

Very pretty lighting at Sydney restaurant The most important reason is due to the simple fact that it is against the law to have any electrical wiring done in your property that is not up to code. This does not only relate to the type of light fitting that is installed but can become a more complicated when it comes to load and other technical terms that only a qualified electrician understands.

Basically every time you add a new electrical device in your property from a new fridge to a simple light bulb it increases the load that is being consumed.  When a house is first built the electrical box will be specific to what is going to be used regards electrical items, the number of lights and the amount of load available to increase the number of lights, electrical power points etc.

Knowing what the limitations are for each circuit (each circuit in your house will be connected to a fuse with a certain rating) is essential to knowing if you can add extra lights to a specific circuit or not. It is very possible that before you can add anymore lights you would have to upgrade not only the fuse or trip switch but may have to run bigger cables that can handle the extra load.

Apart from the obvious dangers of overloading a circuit if there are too many lights on a specific circuit there will definitely be a reduction in the effectiveness of the lights, the will not be so bright, there will be a tendency for them to blow on a regular basis as the system gets overloaded and that will end up costing unnecessary money.

A qualified electrician not only is technically qualified to install lights but they will have a better understanding of what lights you need. There is such a huge variety of lights on the market today and some of them cost plenty but there is no point spending hundreds of dollars buying fancy lights and then having to use a torch to read your book.  To light a certain area properly needs certain wattage (brightness) and that is basic knowledge to an electrician.

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However although it hasn’t been mentioned yet the most obvious reason that you should get an electrician to install lights in your home is simply to make sure that you are safe and that you and your family don’t have to go through the horror stories you see on TV where a family member was badly injured or even died due to faulty wiring.

An electrician will safely install your lights before you could probably figure out what circuit the lights are connected to.