Finding the best commercial electrical company is definitely one of the most challenging parts of putting up a building. Basically, electrical companies offer a wide range of services not available from smaller operations, ranging from very simple to the most complex of projects. Here are some of the services offered by commercial electrical companies…

commercial electrical install

Commercial electrical installation by DCN at Amcal Chemist in Sydney Shopping Mall.

  • Installation services: at Businesses, Offices, Buildings,  Factories & Warehouses
  • Back-up services
  • Emergency Services
  • Repair services
  • Alternative power sources

When looking for an electrician for commercial or strata reasons, you need to find a company that meets your demands and would definitely be available to you at short notice whilst still providing quality work and guaranteeing their service.  Here are the essential aspects to keep in mind when looking for a commercial electrical company:

  • References: Ensure that you go through the company`s testimonials. It is easy to tell if a company would meet your demands by simply speaking to both old and existing clients who have hired them in the past.  Client’s never lie and for those who have been completely satisfied with the services offered by DCN Electrical, we know they would definitely recommend us.
  • Licenses & Insurance: You can and should check this, there are some people out there who should not be calling themselves electricans! You need to ensure that you are dealing with qualified personnel. Normally, many companies send unregistered juniors to work on small or low paying jobs. You need to be sure that the electrician working for you is qualified or at least a suitably skilled apprentice, and you can do this by asking a few questions about his or her qualifications. You should also ensure that he or she is licensed.
  • Specializations: This is a very important factor in ensuring that you get the best company looking after your premises or working on your project. Explain to the company what you need and your basic requirements before allocating them any project.
  • Budget: Consider your budget, knowing what to expect for your dollar can help you make informed decisions. Depending on your requirements there are usually optional extras that can be added or left out based on preferences without affecting the whole install. This is the most crucial part to finding the best commercial electricians for your new retail store, office, factory warehouse or non-residential project.

Call DCN Electrical today, You can always get quotes from several companies before settling on hiring us. We’re sure you’ll find like the rest of our happy customers… Our service far exceeds our prices and you can be sure that you are getting the right advice and expert services that exceed your expectations rather than just meeting them.