These ceiling fans are great for outdoor entertaining areas such as patios, alfresco, verandas, and pergolas. Installing a ceiling fan in these locations will mean that you can enjoy your entertaining area even in the height of summer. There are a number of things that you need to consider when choosing an outdoor ceiling fan. We’ve spoken to Damien, our founder and licensed electrician, to tell us what they are.

1.      What conditions the fan will exposed to

It’s important to remember that water and electricity don’t mix. When it comes to outdoor ceiling fans this is why we always recommend using a licensed and insured electrician to do the installation.

If your outdoor ceiling wan is to be used undercover and especially in a location that is enclosed on more than one side, you’ll be able to install a damp rated outdoor fan.

If your outdoor fan is likely to get splashed with water, perhaps there’s a pool or spa next to it or you often get water coming in from outside then you’ll need to install a wet rated/IP rated fan.

If you live in a coastal area and are concerned about the effects of salt, then a coastal rated outdoor ceiling fan will be the best choice. Many of these fans will either be made form 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel body and blades or they will have a plastic motor housing and blades.

2.      How much air movement do you want from your outdoor ceiling fan?

Would you like a soft and gentle breeze or a powerful and energy efficient cooling wind? Or the ability to adjust and finely control to suit your mood and the day? This choice will help you decide if you need an AC, 3 speed, or DC, 5 or 6 speed, fan.

Be warned! Every manufacturer differs and the amount of air one DC fan moves on speed 3 can be what another you’d need to turn to speed 2 or 4. Some fans are actually designed to create that light breeze at low speed and so the best thing is to look at the revolutions per minute (RPM) and airflow volume (m3/hr) to decide which fan is better for you.

3.      What size outdoor fan is best?

The size of the fan can depend on a number of things:
– where you can physically mount the fan
– how large a space the fan needs to cool
– how many outdoor ceiling fans will be installed
– will that size look right for the space

4.      What style of fan do I choose?

Other than the decisions you’ve made from the points above, you may also want to consider the whole look of the fan. Are you going for a sleek and minimalist look? Have you thought of a resort or plantation style aesthetic? Does the ceiling fan need to be a particular colour?

5.      Do I need an outdoor ceiling fan with a light?outdoor ceiling fan

A light in a ceiling fan can turn a space you only use in the daytime to one you use at night without the need for lighting candles, bringing in torches or organising other portable lights.

Having a fan with a light integrated in the one unit can save you the cost of installing additional lighting that may not be possible, as nice to look at or as effective as an integrated light.

6.      Is it worthwhile having an outdoor ceiling fan with a light and remote?

Many higher-quality outdoor ceiling fans will come with an integrated light and remote, much like the ones you’d find indoors. The benefit is that you can control the fan, using the remote, from the spa or pool or even the bbq. This makes your whole outdoor living experience more comfortable and pleasant.

7.      How much can I spend on an outdoor fan?

With the special environmental considerations needed, outdoor ceiling fans are generally more expensive than indoor fans. That said you can buy an outdoor ceiling fan for a few hundred dollars. Before you buy the cheapest possible, consider the previous points and that this fan will turn a space into a more useable and enjoyable place for you, your friends, and your family.

What is the best outdoor ceiling fan?

So you want to cut to the chase and find out the best outdoor ceiling fan for your Sydney home or business? Each location is different and there really isn’t one best solution. You could consider going top of the line and choosing a stainless steel and DC outdoor ceiling fan with a light and remote to meet all of the possibilities.

The quickest and most suitable way is to call DCN Electrical for a free quote. The next best way is to answer these 7 questions and to then call us to install your new outdoor ceiling fan.